*Dope Dyed Polyester Micro-polypropylene Yarn

1. Multi-Functional Sportswear, knit jeans
2. Warm-Keep clothing, ski clothing, seamless underwear
3. Bathing suit, diving suit
4. Environmental medical supplies

Available Products:
1. DTY 30D/36F, 50D/48-72F, 75D/72-144F,150D/144F
*Twisted Multi-Ply Polyester Yarn in Dope Dyed

1. Dope Dyed Twisted multi-ply Yarn:
Using in bath mat, carpet and other home textile products.
DTY 150-300D/144-576/4/2, 100-600TPM
(S twist and Z twist)

2. Regular Dope Dyed Polyester Microfilament Yarn:
Using in cleaning products, home textile products, etc.
DTY 75D/72-144F,150D/144-288F,200D/384F, 300D/288-576F

Casual/Outdoor wear, denim/jeans wear, swimwear, golf wear, gymwear, etc. / Women’s and Men’s Formal wear, Knitwear, seamless wear etc. / Home textile products such as bath mat, carpet, blanket etc.